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Complete transport for all types of fertiliser

Fertiliser transport is an art in and of itself. And in our case, it’s an art we excel at. Gert Vlastuin Transport is a specialist in fertiliser transport and distribution. Our tanker trailers allow us transport slurry, mineral concentrate (mineral code 120), Renure and liquid waste for the agricultural sector. But we also provide tanker transport options for industry, civil engineering and infrastructure.

We transport safely and efficiently and, of course, in accordance with the prevailing protocols. Our tanker trailers are easy to clean and are equipped with steerable axles, making them very manoeuvrable. This also allows our tanker trailers to manoeuvre on smaller farms.

Full-service fertiliser transport

Gert Vlastuin Transport doesn’t just transport fertiliser. As an intermediary, we also mediate in the responsible sale of fertilisers. Additionally, we play a role in the transport, processing, export and application of fertiliser.

It is generally required by law that all fertiliser supplied and removed is weighed and sampled. To cater for this, all fertiliser trailers are equipped with forgery-proof automatic sampling equipment that meets all necessary requirements. Our samplers ensure that all sampling work is carried out correctly.

The fertiliser is weighed in our tanker trailers. These trailers are all equipped with a calibrated AGR/GPS weighing system.

Transporting different types of fertiliser

Gert Vlastuin Transport has the capacity to transport any type of fertiliser without difficulty. Our tankers transport all types of liquid fertiliser, such as slurry, mineral concentrate (mineral code 120), Renure and liquid waste.

·   Slurry

·   Mineral concentrate / Renure

·   Liquid waste

Slurry transport

When it comes to transporting your slurry, Gert Vlastuin is the one address you need. What’s more, we process your fertiliser if needed by separating liquid fertiliser into solid and liquid fractions.

Slurry that you have disposed of using Gert Vlastuin Transport will, of course, be weighed and sampled according to the applicable standards. We collect all kinds of slurry for you, ensuring rapid removal and processing. To make an appointment for slurry transport, please call our planner on +31 (0)318 591 523.

Transport of liquid waste

Using our tankers, we will collect liquid waste from your business premises. Liquid waste means residual flows, mainly from the bio-industry. 

Of course we process it fast, also sampling and weighing your liquid waste. Our drivers ensure fast processing on site and are of course in possession of all the necessary certificates for processing liquid waste.

For more information about the transport of liquid waste, and to make an appointment, please call +31 (0)318 591 523.

Transporting mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) / artificial fertilizer replacement and Renure

Our tankers provide transport for mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) / artificial fertilizer replacement and Renure. Mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) is produced by separating fertiliser into thick and thin fractions. The thick fraction is often made exportable. Reverse osmosis separates the thin fraction into soluble water and mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) . This results in a fertiliser with a content of 7 to 8 kilos of nitrogen and 8 to 10 kilos of potash and approximately 0.5 kilos of phosphate per tonne – an excellent substitute for artificial fertiliser.

Renure is a collective name for artificial fertilizer replacements and comes from ‘REcovered Nitrogen from manURE’. So this refers to nitrogenous fertilisers extracted from animal manure, or digestate for which animal manure has been used. Renure includes mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) , waste water from evaporation plants and a thin fraction of digestate.

Gert Vlastuin Transport will provide you with further information about Renure and mineral concentrate (mineral code 120) any time you require, and of course provides transport for these products. For questions or to schedule transport, please call +31 (0)318 591 523.