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Gert Vlastuin Transport, versatile haulier with international experience

Welcome to Gert Vlastuin Transport, a versatile transport company that is on the road every day with more than 30 tractor units in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Denmark. We use various Walking Floor trailers, but tanker transport is a particular speciality of ours. Gert Vlastuin Transport also has container lorries with high-volume demountables.

Gert Vlastuin Transport is a passionate transporter that is logistically very strong. You can always count on our transport and we always meet our agreements, naturally.

Walking Floor Transport

As a transport company we are very proud of our lorries that integrate the unique Walking Floor concept. The Walking Floor concept is highly valued internationally when it comes to bulk transport, but we also transport combinations of bulk and pallets.

One of the advantages of Walking Floor transport is that we can deliver to any place our lorries can access. The concept allows cargo to be unloaded without tipping the semi-trailer, so also allowing for unloading in areas that are not high enough for tippers. To view all Walking Floor concept options, please refer to the relevant page. And for more information or to schedule transport, please call +31 (0)318 591 523.

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Tanker transport

Our tanker trailers allow us to not only transport slurry, mineral concentrate (mineral code 120), Renure and liquid waste for the agricultural sector. We also provide tanker transport options for industry, civil engineering and infrastructure.

We always transport safely and efficiently. Our tanker trailers are easy to clean and are equipped with steerable axles, making them very manoeuvrable. This also allows our tanker trailers to manoeuvre on smaller farms.

Experienced carrier with international connections

Our extensive experience in Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark makes us an excellent international partner for tanker transport and Walking Floor transport. Gert Vlastuin Transport works together within a European network of fellow specialists.

We ensure that your transport is always carried out competently and professionally. We work with trained drivers, well-serviced equipment, effective communication systems and are certified where necessary.