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 Gert Vlastuin Transport
  • Our 20 tractor units are busy every day at home and abroad. 

 We are an all-round transport company with tank trailers for the transport of dung as well as the transport of bulk goods or pallet transport in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. 

A transport company with passion and strong logistics.
  • Dung Transport
  • Our dung transport division is carrying out the transport of all sorts of solid dung, liquid dung and dried chicken manure from Wekerom. As an intermediary we can mediate and advise on contracts within the system of sales contracts for dung. We can also play a role in freight transport, processing, exporting and using of dung.
  • Bulk and pallet transport
  • When it concerns pallet or bulk transport, with our experience in Germany, Belgium and Denmark we are an international partner operating from The Netherlands. With our unique floor transport concept, we are able to transport bulk goods or pallets. We realize that transportation has to be skilled and professional.
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    Mestcode 120/ Mineralenconcentraat:   De vervanger voor kunstmest!

    Mestcode 120/ Mineralenconcentraat: De vervanger voor kunstmest!

    Wat houdt mineralenconcentraat in? Mineralenconcentraat ontstaat door mest te scheiden in dikke en dunne fractie. De dikke fractie wordt veelal export waardig gemaakt. De dunne fractie wordt door omgekeerde osmose gescheiden in loosbaar water en mineralenconcentraat.  Een meststof met een gehalte van 7 tot 8 kilo stikstof en 8 tot 10 kilo kali en circa […]